Game shows are better in Brazil


I don’t speak Portuguese so I have no idea what this show is about, but clearly American game show producers are getting their asses handed to them by the Brazilians.  Can we replace The Price Is Right with something like this?  Yup, Brazilian TV knows what’s up.

Lily Allen @ SXSW 2007, Austin, TX


I. Love. Lilly Allen.

Her brash style and funky music have earned her numerous comparisons to Pink, which I kinda understand except that she’s English and she wears girl clothes and I wouldn’t be afraid to put my penis in Lily Allen.

She’s also gotten a lot of attention as a result of her strong opinions and criticism of other celebs, but I wouldn’t know anything about that since I’ve been busy drawing little hearts and flowers around a stick figure with a picture of Lily’s head pasted to it. Its going to look great in the Lily Allen shrine I built in my bedroom closet.

Sure, call me crazy but that’s what the health department said about my slow roasted “kitty on a stick”, and I showed those bastards.

Anyway, here’s some live stuff from Stubbs, last Wednesday. Credit to bmkazar for the video.

Scorcher Freestyle Moto-X Video


We’ve got some amazing video of freestyle motocross riders Dustin Nowak and Kenny Bell doing stuff that would scare the crap out of normal people.  And these guys make it look easy. Nowak looks more casual pulling backflips than I do watching TV on my couch. Crazy bastards. (more…)

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