Road Trips

Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin


Every April, Austin locals gather to celebrate Eeyore’s birthday. Yes, that Eeyore. The sad little donkey from the Winnie the Pooh books by A. A. Milne. The tradition was started in 1963 by a group of english students from the University of Texas and the party’s gotten bigger every year. Much, much bigger. (more…)

What I did for my Spring Break Vacation


In case you were wondering, we totally blew off Texas Week at SPI this year in favor of the South by Southwest (SXSW) music conference in Austin, Texas (more on that in a moment).
It’s funny but the whole photo series started to look more or less like a road trip scrapbook, so I kinda’ just went with that and attached a barely coherent essay to go with it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

What I Did For My Spring Break Vacation
An essay by Darel Parker
RGV Clubs Road Trippin’ 101

One of the first things I learned when I started attending South by Southwest (SXSW) way back in 1995 is that you can always find free beer and free music, often in the same place. The music isn’t always good, but after a few beers, you won’t even care. (more…)

Spring Break 2005 at South Padre Island


Booze, babes and bikinis. ┬áThe pictures tell the story. ┬áThere is nothing left to say… (more…)

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